This module will efficiently track all your student transportation needs and requirements. Ability for multiple users to view, modify and retrieve information. Transportation directors can track the following:

  • Drivers Information

  • Driver Certification Details

  • Transportation Vehicles

  • District Routes

  • Field Trip Requests

Manage all transportation request (field trip, curricular/extracurricular activities, sport trips, etc.) All requests are routed through the appropriate approval process and users are notified electronically of vehicle assignments. Simplify your bus operations by consolidating daily routines and managing your school routes, trips and bus maintenance. Many of the state required operation reports are available, as well as driver, vehicle, annual miles, and route reports. Documentation libraries for vehicles and transportation can be stored in the system.

Transportation Module Features:

  • Enables requesters to submit requests to reserve a bus or other school vehicle for a ball
    game, field trip, or other school activity.

  • Tracks bus driver information: Driver Demographics, Driver Certification, License Information, etc.

  • Tracks vehicle information: Vehicle Type, Passenger Capacity, Maintenance Information, Purchase Date, Manufacturer, etc.

  • Route information: Route Description, Route Type, Route Mileage, etc.

  • Automated State Agency Reports

  • GPS Module – Coming Soon (This module will require the purchase of hardware and a monthly service charge.)