Best Defense against Worst Case Scenarios

When crisis confronts a business and its managers, survival depends on contingency planning supported by quick-responding mechanisms in place to protect priority systems and assets.

In today's on demand business environments, it's important to rapidly adapt and respond to risks, as well as opportunities, to maintain continuous business operations, be a more trusted partner, and enable growth. This represents a shift from the old paradigm of "experience and react" to a new paradigm of "anticipate and adjust." B-Enterprises Inc® helps clients manage risks, and thereby protect valuable business assets, comply with standards and regulations, and continue business operations. or for more information about our Services contact us

Business resilience diagram


B-Enterprises Inc has identified six imperatives that are fundamental to a successful business resilience strategy:

  • Integrated risk management - Identify risks to your business operations and utilize technology to understand, respond to, and manage those risks
  • Continuity of business operations - Maintain business operations in the event of an outage--with processes and infrastructures that are responsive, highly available and scalable
  • Regulatory compliance - Comply with current government and industry regulations and standards, especially regarding the integrity and availability of information
  • Security, privacy and data protection - Ensure the security and privacy of data, information, systems and people with the right policies, methods, tools and overall governance
  • Knowledge, expertise and skills - Address the resilience of your business by assuring that you have the right resources in the right place at the right time
  • Market readiness - Enhance your ability to sense and respond to shifting customer demands and new market opportunities

  Creating an infrastructure that supports your business - on demand

Risk management forms the foundation for a resilient enterprise. Business resilience integrates IT recovery, high availability, business continuity and information security programs. It also addresses governance, especially for regulatory compliance. A resilient business, supported by a flexible infrastructure, can help your business continue operations as it adapts and responds to challenges posed by various disruptions and threats, as well as new opportunities and changes in demand.

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